5 essential tips for your denim jeans

Alvis Thomas November 1, 2016 Comments Off on 5 essential tips for your denim jeans
5 essential tips for your denim jeans

We love our denim jeans and that is why we look for ways to keep it that way for a long time. But most of us just don’t know the professional ways of doing that. We know the harsh traditional methods of washing our clothes. That is not for our jeans. These fabrics and colors needs specific treatment and wash as they are special. That is why in this content we will try to find out some of the essential tips for your denim jeans so that you keep them durable, attractive and fitting.

Here are the 5 essential tips for your favorite pair of denim:

  • Wear it to gain the shape: When you but new denim the first few months, you need to wear it without washing. Your jeans need time to fit into your shape. When you wash it just after a few wears, the shape of your jeans gets lost. That is why at least wait 5-6 months before you wash your denim.
  • Pre treated denims: Most of the denims are pre treated and that is why the fade. So in such cases you can wash your denim after few wears as the fade will remain intact.
  • The raw smell: If you do not like the smell that comes with the raw jeans, you can always go for the freezing method to get rid of the stain or just hand your jeans in the bathroom shower. While freezing them use plastic bags for the purpose.
  • Washing shrinks: When you buy new jeans and in case you need to take it to your tailor for fittings and length, first wash it. Most of the jeans actually shrinks after washing and that is why just wash it once or twice before going to the tailor.
  • Do not stack up your denims: Most of the people do not understand that denims are something that can be close to a life. Hence, you need to keep your denim separately without stacking them so that they can breathe.

These are the 5 essential tips for your denims. It is very much important that you know your jeans first and then make sure you take care of your jeans later so that it is durable, attractive and fitting. The above 5 tips will help you to take care of your jeans for a long time.

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