A Way to Guarantee You Look Your Best for Business Success

Alvis Thomas May 26, 2017 Comments Off on A Way to Guarantee You Look Your Best for Business Success
A Way to Guarantee You Look Your Best for Business Success

I recently talked with the lady who does our company’s major presentations.  She is responsible for much of our business since she presents our company proposals and bids at corporate meetings about new projects and programs.  Others put the proposals together but she is the primary presenter and representative to our clientele.  She described to me her unique way of preparing for a presentation on a proposal bid.

You see, (she said), I’ve found that the best way to make a proposal presentation is by doing careful preparation.  So, I stay at a motel the day before the presentation.  Even if it takes place right across the street from me I still stay at a motel.  It gives me freedom from the distractions at home like phone calls, neighbor visits or local activities.  I don’t even let my family know where I am staying; they have to look up my calendar.  I use a Groupon promo code to get a room at a Motel 6.   I take materials for the presentation along with my clothes and travel bag.  After dinner I do a review and write brief notes on key issues and items to cover, as well as things not to say.  Then I run through the entire presentation in my mind one last time.  After that I put everything by the door so I’m ready for the morning.  Then I go for a walk, visit the pool or exercise room, and get a light snack.  I then lay on the bed, watch a good movie or TV program and go to sleep.  In the morning I eat something light, watch the news, and get dressed to go to the presentation meeting.

I asked her how long she’d practiced this routine.  She said she began after losing out on a bid in her second year on the job.  She was so distracted that she didn’t look relaxed to the customers.  Though nobody said it she was sure that was why she lost the bid.  From that point she adopted a policy of isolation so she could concentrate and relax.  She started staying at motels using Groupon coupons so she had a place where she could prepare herself.  It must work; her presentations have brought in the company’s largest major contracts during the past five years.


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