Getting Rid of Those Unwanted Ones

Alvis Thomas November 26, 2015 Comments Off on Getting Rid of Those Unwanted Ones
Getting Rid of Those Unwanted Ones

We’ve all got them. Those hairs that emerged in our teenage years and never seem to want to go away, no matter how many times we wax. Or those that seem to creep out overnight, turning your perfectly groomed face into an early morning emergency. It’s alarming how quickly those hairs can take over, but thankfully it’s a pretty easy fix, too.

Shaving is a short term fix, but it’s really not a worthwhile investment, time or money-wise. If you are going to shave out unwanted hairs, you need to take the time to shower (or at least use a warm cloth over the area you’re targeting), shave carefully, and then repeat this process every day or two. What is the point in such a short-term stop-gap?

Next step up is tweezing. Well, this could be considered acceptable, if you like torture. Tweezing is the equivalent of peeling off a band-aid as slowly as possible. Plus, it’s infuriating. You’re standing two inches from a mirror, leaning in over the bathroom counter, experiencing painful by painful pluck.

What about waxing? If you enjoy a warm, goopy mess on your face, followed by intense pain, this is for you! Why would you want to get your skin all red and feel this level of pain on a regular basis? Some people even pay others for this service!

The latest rage is laser hair removal. This is by far the way to go. If you are looking to remove some hair, but want to avoid the everyday hassle of shaving, the pluck by pluck torture of tweezing, the messiness and pain of waxing, consider getting your hair removed by laser. The technology has come a long way. The best part about this method is that it’s long-term. Many people think it’s expensive, but it’s very affordable, with a six-treatment series costing between $100-$150. If you’re serious about maintaining a groomed appearance when it comes to your body hair, you need to look into laser hair removal.

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