Hidden Uses of Botox Beyond Cosmetic Surgery

Alvis Thomas June 20, 2018 Comments Off on Hidden Uses of Botox Beyond Cosmetic Surgery
Hidden Uses of Botox Beyond Cosmetic Surgery

Sadly, there is no formula that promises eternal youth but there are proven remedies that help delay the obvious signs of ageing. Every person, man or woman, appreciates beauty differently. The standards may differ from culture to culture, but popular media remains firm in promoting beauty as someone who has firm, smooth, and young skin. Many who buy into this standard of beauty will do anything to maintain a youthful look. This is the reason why cosmetic surgery has become a booming business and remains a strong industry.

One of the most prevalent procedures in non-invasive cosmetic surgery is the use of Botox injections. It is primarily used to reduce the signs of wrinkles in different areas of the face since the toxin relaxes the muscles by stopping muscle contractions, which in turn tightens the skin. The effect of a Botox injection is instant and may last for several months. Since the effect eventually wears off, you will need to repeat the procedure if you want to maintain a youthful look.

Unknown to many, there are other benefits to using Botox aside from making someone look younger. Here are other uses for Botox that goes beyond wrinkle treatment.

Treating hyperactive sweat glands

This condition can be quite embarrassing to some and cannot be resolved by mere use of deodorants and antiperspirants. For over a decade now, Botox has been approved as a treatment for hyperactive underarm sweat glands. If you are interested in the use of Botox London clinics offer this type of treatment along with other cosmetic procedures.

Treating chronic migraines

People who suffer from chronic and debilitating migraines may consider the option of using Botox injections as a form of treatment. It is typically injected in these areas: neck, forehead, temples, and back of the neck. The Botox injection will lead to temporary muscle paralysis in these areas which has proven to be an effective remedy for pain caused by a migraine.


Bladder incontinence affects women of various ages. Certain health conditions can lead to not being able to control the urge to urinate. Other causes of incontinence in women include childbirth and menopause. A Botox injection in the bladder can help control and treat this condition.

Muscle spasms in the vaginal area

There are women who suffer from a condition called Vaginismus. This pertains to severe cramps experienced in the vaginal area making it painful or difficult to have sexual intercourse. Botox can give relief from the pain of muscle spasms in the vaginal area. This procedure can greatly improve the lives of women who suffer from this condition.

Treatment for crossed eyes

The earliest medical use of Botox was to treat crossed eyes, but few people know this because Botox became more popular in cosmetic procedures. Aside from treating this condition, Botox is also very effective in relieving eye spasms.

In many ways, Botox has unique abilities that can treat many conditions aside from simply making someone look years younger. Today, there is still ongoing research to explore other possible uses for the muscle-numbing properties of Botox.

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