How to Take Your Outfit from Day to Night

Alvis Thomas September 23, 2018 Comments Off on How to Take Your Outfit from Day to Night
How to Take Your Outfit from Day to Night

Sometimes you have to wear an outfit that will be flattering for a whole range of various appointments and commitments. You may have a busy day at work, speaking with clients and attending meetings, and then some cocktails or a friend’s birthday dinner when your working day is done.  Here are some top tips to help you take your outfit from day to night and versatile for all occasions.

Plan Well

If you find yourself with a busy work/life balance, it may be wise to start shopping for clothes which are versatile enough to be worn in any eventuality. A smart pair of trousers or a dress can easily be dressed up or down with the right choices.

Statement Jewellery

Take a look at this classic necklace range from Claudia Bradby and think about how these pieces could be incorporated into your outfits. They would go excellently with day outfits and could be a nice addition to an outfit you would wear for cocktails with friends.

Change Up Your Hair

A quick change to your hairstyle is an excellent way to quickly make yourself look different at minimal effort to you. Carry some dry shampoo, hair ties, and pins with you so you can quickly change styles. Wear your hair down at work and then tie it up into a cute, stylish up do for a night out. Alternatively, you could braid your hair for work and then let them free for some amazing low-effort waves. Dry shampoo can revive your roots and give your hair a little lift.

Add Some Bold Lipstick

A small change to your makeup is another brilliant way to elevate your look without much effort. It is not always realistic to carry around an entire makeup bag so keep your essentials to some concealer and powder to touch up any problem areas and a lipstick to switch things up.

A flattering nude or light pink is suitable for the day and any meetings or work you may have that day. It will keep you looking fresh-faced and professional as you complete your work. When you head to the evening, choose a bold colour like red, purple, orange, or even something crazy like blue. It will elevate your makeup and make you feel more prepared and confident for your evening.

Swap Your Shoes

Shoes are one of the most versatile items anyone could own and they are a key way to dress an outfit up or down. The same outfit can be completely transformed depending on the shoe its wearer chooses; it is really quite incredible to see the difference.

For your day look, choose a sensible but stylish flat like a pump or a brogue to finish off your professional outfit. Keep a pair of statement heels stashed under your desk for the end of the day and whip them out as soon as you are ready to transform into your night look.

With just one or even a few of these tips in hand, you are able to transform your outfit no matter where you are headed!

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