Quick Comparison of Traditional and Gel Nail Polish

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Quick Comparison of Traditional and Gel Nail Polish

Nail polish trends come and go, and women of today are constantly looking for ways to keep their fingernails looking clean and sophisticated. Getting your nails done is already a part of good grooming and visits to the nail salon are already part of every woman’s regular beauty routine.

When it comes to nail polish choices, you can choose from traditional and gel polish that comes in a myriad of shades to suit your style and mood. Is there a huge difference between traditional polish and gel polish? Here is a breakdown of the difference between each type of polish and why some women prefer one over the other.

Traditional nail polish

Regular nail polish or nail varnish has been the most common product used in painting the nails for many decades now. Some prefer this option because it is easier to remove, even at home. Because it is easy to remove and apply, you can change the colour of your nails as frequently as you want. The downside of traditional nail polish is that it chips quite easily. This means you need to visit the nail salon as often as once a week. In addition to this, there are some regular nail polish formulations with contents that cause nails to turn yellow. When using traditional nail polish, look for a safer formulation that does not contain toxins that will harm your nails.

Gel nail polish

The latest and most popular trend today is the use of gel nail polish. In comparison to traditional nail lacquer, gel nail polish lasts longer and looks much better. There is a type of hard gel polish that can be cured to create an extension of the nails. True gel polish needs to be cured under a UV lamp in order to dry and harden. One of the main advantages of gel polish is that it lasts a lot longer and remains vibrant. Even if you constantly wash your hands or do light chores around the house, gel polish is expected to last for at least three weeks without any touch-ups.

One of the downsides of gel polish is that it is not quite as easy to do at home. While you can buy OPI Gel supplies online, you run the risk of damaging your nails if you try to remove the gel polish yourself. Gel polish is better applied by professionals at a nail salon. You are guaranteed that they will use the right equipment and tools for both application and removal.

DIY versus nail salon

When it comes to DIY nail polish application, there are a lot of supplies you can order online and tutorials you can watch to help you apply polish creatively. Nevertheless, it is important to take the necessary precautions when doing your nails yourself. First, you have to ensure that the products you are using come from reputable suppliers only. Next, you also have to ensure that you are not experimenting with complicated procedures that may damage your nail bed. If in doubt, always have a professional do your nails instead.

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